Hongatar lives in the old pine forest, where the trees are thick as temple pillars. There, she nurtures the Heavenly Bear with her maidens. The Bear is called by many names, for no one dares to utter his true name. He is the Son of a God, his birthing place resides in the stars. When the Bear moves in the Middle world, people say that the Forest is on the move.

Hongatar gives Him teeth and claws from the heart of an old pine tree, as a weapon against humans. Hongatar has no love for humans like the Bear does, for they bring sorrow and death with them. But without her, and without the Bear, we would lose the heart of the forest and the memory of our own evolutional origins.

Hongatar reminds you of the loyalty to those you love, of honor, ancestry and boundaries. She is surrounded by berries, which give her strength and a long life. She is a true hermit, who knows the difference berween loneliness and solitude. She is strong, because She loves so much.

Measures 30 x 40 cm.

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