Hillervo is the Mother of Polecats and other mustelidae. She reminds us of the power of tenderness, affection and child-like wonder. She and mustelidae take care of their first and foremost needs, but also remember that life is not always just serious business. It’s about love and play too!

They don’t wish to dwell on their failures (actually they don’t have the time or interest in such things), and they are always trusting their nose to guide them to the most loving of nests, to the best delicacies the world has to offer, to joy and laughter and living one day at a time. They know how to cry, too, and when they do, they cry with their whole heart.

Hillervo reminds you to keep yourself warm, to surround yourself with loving and playful mates, to eat good food with pleasure. She is the inner Child, with a hint of Trickster thrown in. She accepts everything and all.

Measures 30 x 40 cm.

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